rutile type industrial titanium dioxide tio2

  • Rutile Type Industrial Titanium Dioxide

    Application of Titanium dioxide.
    1. Cosmetics.
    Titanium dioxide is non-toxic and almost all kinds of fragrance powders are used instead of lead white and zinc white. Titanium dioxide can reduce the feeling of greasy and transparent in gouache and cold cream.
    2. Printing ink.
    The white pigments used in the ink manufacturing industry are mainly titanium dioxide and zinc barium white, in which titanium dioxide not only has good physical and chemical stability, but also has good resistance, and has the characteristics of lower price than other ink materials.
    Ink is an important material for printing, which displays patterns and characters on the substrate by printing or inkjet painting. The ink consists of main components and auxiliary components, which are evenly mixed and repeatedly rolled to form a viscous colloidal fluid. It is composed of binders (resin), pigments, fillers, auxiliaries and solvents. It is used for printing books and periodicals, packaging and decoration, architectural decoration and electronic circuit boards. With the increase of social demand, ink varieties and output also expand and grow accordingly.

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