The Core Technology Of The Project Has Reached The International Leading Level


Recently, the project "Development and Application demonstration of waste Salt Resource Technology for chlorination of Titanium Slag molten Salt", which is responsible by the Research Institute of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., participated in the evaluation meeting of scientific and technological achievements organized by Sichuan Institute of Metals. The core technology of resource utilization of waste salt from chlorination of titanium slag in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Research Institute has reached the international leading level.

Titanium and titanium dioxide are important pillars of titanium industry, in which "chlorination" is the key process for the production of titanium sponge and titanium chloride. The chlorination process mainly includes boiling chlorination and molten salt chlorination. Because of the high content of calcium and magnesium impurities in titanium concentrate in Panxi area, it is only suitable to use molten salt chlorine process, but this process produces 30000kg molten salt chlorinated waste salt, which is a by-product of 1 ton titanium tetrachloride. The composition of the waste salt is complex, which belongs to the general solid waste of II, so it is difficult to make comprehensive utilization. At present, lime neutralization and post-landfill are mainly used at home and abroad. however, in the situation of increasingly stringent domestic environmental protection requirements, it has been unable to support the high-quality and green development of enterprises. Therefore, the development of large-scale, low-cost and resource utilization technology of waste salt as a by-product of molten salt chlorination is related to the survival of molten salt chlorination process and the sustainable development of titanium industry in China.

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has been in the forefront of the world in the research on the efficient utilization of Panxi titanium resources by molten salt chlorination. In 2012, the Institute of Environmental Protection Technology of the Institute began to tackle key technical problems in the resource utilization of molten salt chlorinated waste salt. after years of painstaking research, a complete set of technology for resource utilization of molten salt chlorinated waste salt was formed. and built the first demonstration line for comprehensive utilization of molten salt chlorinated waste salt resources at home and abroad, and overcome a series of engineering technical problems, achieve stable operation, efficient recovery of sodium chloride resources. Zero discharge of wastewater and full quantitative utilization of by-products have achieved good economic and social benefits.

During the implementation of the project, 17 invention patents were declared, 4 invention patents were granted by China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other major sponge titanium producing countries in the world, 2 domestic utility model patents were authorized, 2 papers of SCI and Chinese core journals were published, and 5 proprietary technologies of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The research results of this project can be popularized and applied to domestic and foreign enterprises produced by molten salt chlorination system, which is conducive to realizing the green and high-end development of China's titanium industry and improving the competitiveness of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company and even China's titanium industry.

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