How should Titanium Wire be cut?


  Titanium alloy wire is cut with a high-speed steel saw blade. High-speed steel saw blades, because of the special hardness of high-speed steel, the main processing methods are cold working and hot working. The cutting process of titanium wire should proceed from the two aspects of reducing cutting temperature and reducing bonding, and selecting tool materials with good red hardness, high bending strength, good thermal conductivity, and poor affinity with titanium alloys, and high-speed steel saw blades are more suitable.

Titanium wire carburizing surface treatment

  • Titanium wire forms a stable carbide with higher hardness with carbon. The growth of the carbide layer between titanium and carbon is determined by the diffusion rate of titanium in the carbide layer.

  • The solubility of carbon in titanium is small, at 850X, the total is 0.3%, and at 600C, it drops to about 0.1%B. Due to the low solubility of carbon in titanium, it is basically only through the titanium carbide layer and its lower fork domain. Deposition layer to achieve the purpose of surface hardening.

  • Carburizing must be carried out under the condition of deoxygenation, because the hardness of the surface layer formed by the powder that is suitable for common carburizing of steel against the surface of carbon monoxide or oxygen-containing carbon monoxide reaches 2700MPa and 8500MPa, and it is easy to peel off.

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