Titanium Cake

  • Titanium Cake
  • Titanium Cake
  • Titanium Cake
  • Titanium Cake
  • Titanium Cake
  • Titanium Cake
Titanium Cake
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Application fields of titanium alloy forgings:
1. Aerospace field.
50% of the world's titanium is used in aerospace. 30% of the airframe of military aircraft uses titanium alloy, and the amount of titanium in civil aircraft is also gradually increasing. In the aerospace field, titanium alloy forgings are used in the fuel tank of rocket and satellite propulsion engines, the housing of attitude control engines, the blades of liquid fuel turbine pumps and the inlet of suction pumps.
2. Steam turbine blades for power generation.
Increasing blade length of steam turbine in thermal power generation is an effective measure to improve power generation efficiency, but blade lengthening will increase the load of rotor.

 The microstructure and mechanical properties of metal can be improved after forging. Due to the deformation and recrystallization of metal after hot working by forging, the original coarse dendrites and columnar grains become equiaxed recrystallized structures with fine grains and uniform size. the original segregation, porosity, porosity, slag inclusion and other compaction and welding of titanium ingots,titanium and titaium alloy forged cake.
 The heating temperature is very important in the hot working of titanium alloy. The lower the temperature is, the greater the deformation resistance is, and there are cracks and other defects. At the same time, it also has a great dependence on the deformation speed, which are all problems that forging red should pay attention to.

 Our company professional produce titanium and titanium alloy forgings,such us titanium forged ring,titanium forging cake, titanium forging square  and etc.

titanium forging cakeB381 Gr23 titanium forged disc

 Description for titanium forging


ASTM B381,5-9109,OCT 1-90013-81,OCT 92-0966-75,OCT5P.95005-87,OCT B5P 9325-2005,OST 1 90000-70



Surface Treatment



Cake, ring ,square and etc.


500-6000mm or according to customers request


1 pc,  available from stock

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